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媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播

Module 3Foreign Food




1.The students who failed to meet these requirements(要求) will not be admitted into the university.

2.The children looked at the cakes greedily(贪婪地).

3.Our abundant(丰厚的) resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages of developing their businesses.

4.In only 10 yearsour province has been transformed(改动) into an advanced industrial province.

5.He was obsessed(入神) with American movies and so was I.

6.She owed(归因于) her good health to diet and exercise.

7.Large quantities of solid fuel are consumed(消费) every day.

8.We must not only update our economy with advanced science and technologybut alsoin response to this new trend(趋势) of development.

9.Bob and Lisa entertained(招待) us to dinner last nightduring which Bob told us many jokes.

10.She could hear the other girls making rude remarks(议论) about her.

11.If you don’t listen to methe consequence(成果) will be quite serious.

12.Ladies having ballet training when they are young usually walk in a beautiful manner(方法).

13.No wonder(难怪)you couldn’t get through.You’ve left out a zero in this phone number.

14.Now that there are only a few minutes leftwe’d better talk about the plan in short(简短地).

15.She didn’t recognize the man who hit her because she could only make out(辨认出)a dark shape moving to广州优创电子有限公司wards her.

16.If you don’t know what you wantyou might end up(终究)getting something you don’t want.


1.The mushrooms contained poison and many people were poisoned because they had eaten the poisonous mushrooms.(poison)

2.Though the soup is tasty, I’ve lost my sense of taste and it tastes just like tasteless water.(tasty)

3.She often greets me in a friendly manner, so I think she is a person with good manners(manner).

4.The workers required that their pay should be raised and the manager granted their requirement finally.(require)

5.Russia is a country which is very abundant in natural resources.Especially its abundance(abundant) of oil and natural gas brings in large income every year.

6.He made gradual progress in his study and gradually(gradual) he became a popular student.


1.句型公式:could not have done(曩昔)不行能做某事


I didn’t see her in the meeting room this morning.She couldn’t have spoken at the meeting.

2.句型公式:the first time引导时刻状语从句意为榜首次……”


The first time I saw Tomhe was talking to some students at the English Corner.



Our government does need to take some measures to reduce the housing price.


榜首板块  中心词汇

1.owe vi.欠钱 vt.(债等);归功于;应感谢



Owing媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播(owe) to your helpI have made great progress.In other wordsI owe my progress to you.

I owed to the doctors that I survived such a severe accident.owed后加it


He owed his personal success more to his good luck than to his years of hard work.


(1)owe sb sthowe sth to sb欠或人某物

owe sth to  ……归功于; ……而感谢

owe it to sb that...  多亏了……

(2)owing to  由于,由于

2.remark n.议论;议论 v.议论;说起;谈到



Could you please remark on/upon what happened just now?

He showed remarkable(remark)courage when he faced the danger.

Tom left the officeremarked that he had some work to do.remarkedremarking


It’s impolite to make a remark on/about the appearance of others.(remark n.)

It’s impolite to remark on/upon the appearance of others.(remark v.)


(1)remark on/upon……发表意见/议论

remark that...  谈到;说起

(2)make a remark on/about  ……发表意见;对……指手画脚

(3)remarkable adj.  值得留意的;明显的;特殊的

3.consequence n.成果,成果;重要性



As consequence of oversleeping this morningI was late for school.As后加a

The young should learn to take the consequence of their actions.consequenceconsequences


The plan lacked support from the government.As a consequenceit broke down soon.

As a consequence of the lack of support from the governmentthe plan broke down soon.


(1)as a consequenceas a result因而,所以

as a consequence ofas a result of  由于;由于……的原因

(2)answer for the consequence  对成果担任

take the consequences of sth  承当……的成果

4.transform vt.改动,改造;使改观,使转化



Their efforts have transformed the hill into one covered with green trees.

The past ten years has witnessed a complete transformation(transform) of my hometown.

It is a surprise that the city has transformed from a small town to/into a modern industrial center in recent ten years.transformed前加been

I’m fully aware that the experience from my life abroad has totally transformed me.

I’m fully aware that it’s the experience from my life abroad that has庙坝麻柳村 totally transformed me.(着重句型)


(1)transform...into...   把……改动成……

transform from...to/into...  ……中改动……

(2)transformation n.  转化,改动


transform易混杂的几个单词:transfer vt.搬运;搬迁;transmit vt.传达;广播;transport vt.运送;传送

5.make out了解;辨认出;填写


写出下列句中make out的意义/完结语句

His writing is so confusing that it’s difficult to make out what he’s trying to express了解;了解

I could barely make out the stage in the darkness.辨认出

She made out a check and handed it to me.填写


In some languages100 words make up half of all words used in daily conversations.


As long as y媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播ou have a dream, keep 穿越清廷之宜妃trying and you’ll make it.


make up          化装;构成;假造

make up for  补偿,补偿

make sense  有意义;能了解

make sense of  了解;了解

make use of  运用

make the most/best of sth  充媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播分运用某物

make it  成功


make out常常混杂的短语: find out 弄清楚,查了解;work out算出;弄懂;想出;处理;发生成果

第二板块  经典句式




If you have a jobdo devotes yourself to it and finally you’ll succeed.devotesdevote

She does tell me about her address but I forgot all about it.doesdid

It was not until he saw his mother when the boy burst into laughter.whenthat

She does help her mother(确实协助她母亲) with some housework every day.

What he told me yesterday did make me very surprised(真的让我很吃惊).



(2)若着重主语、宾语、表语、状语等,则运用着重句型:It is/was+被着重部分+that/who引导的从句。



I think that Chinese 雪莉直播虐猫people are sometimes 1.obsessed(obsess) with food.A real Chinese banquet could be very fabulous.The first six or seven dishes seemed 2.to fill(fill)the tablewith plates dangerously 3.balanced(balance) one on top of another.4.Surprisingly(surprising)more dishes arrived.Another aspect of “food culture” is 5.that the Chinese seem to eat almost every part of every animal.

British people like cold food6.while in Chinacold food means poverty—you don’t give it to a guestI also learned that the English like to mix food 7.before serving it at the table.The food here 8.goes(go) against the Chinese sense of beauty and style at the dinner table.Chinese dishes can 9.be photographed(photograph) and have a nice 10.appearance(appear).


Ken Hom is a ChineseAmerican cook who is very wellknown in all Britain and America.He was born in Tucs不归之森onArizonawhere his Cantonese parents lived after moved to America in the 1920s.As he grew uphe found American food terribly compared to his mother’s cooking.But she sent him to school with a box in which she put hot rice and vegetables much good than the sandwiches that his friends had for lunch.At age 11Ken went to work in his uncle’s Chinese restaurant and learned how to cook the everything.At university he gave cooking lesson to earn money.Ken Homhis first book was about Chinese cooking techniquesis now a famous cook.He writes an article for a newspaper and from therehe got his first TV programmewhich was big success.


Ken Hom is a ChineseAmerican cook who is very wellknown in bothall Britain and America.He was born in TucsonArizonawhere his Cantonese parents lived after movingmoved to America in the 1920s.As he grew uphe found American food terribleterribly compared to his mother’s cooking.SoBut she sent him to school with a box in which she put hot rice and vegetables much bettergood than the sandwiches that his friends had for lunch.At age 11Ken went to work in his uncle’s Chinese restaurant and learned how to cook  everything.At university he gave cooking lessonslesson to earn money.Ken Homwhosehis first book was about Chinese cooking techniquesis now a famous cook.He wrotewrites an article for a newspaper and from therehe got his first TV programmewhich was  big success.










I used to be a top studentbut after I was obsessed with Internet gamesthings changed completely.I got left behind in my study.As a consequencemy parents were so concerned about me.Then I decided to do everything I could to keep away from the Internet gameswhatever the cost was.FinallyI got rid of the bad habit.




(2018湖南六校联盟联考)Have you ever noticed that you feel happier and more relaxed after you eat breadpasta or fruit? Do you find that you are more energetic and awake after eating yogurt or beans? These things are not accidents.Food affects 1.      we feel more than we think.Scientists researching 2.    (it) effect on our moods are beginning to understand that we can influence our feelings with what we eat.

Although our moods relate 3.      having various foodit is not quite as simple as choosing the food for the right occasions.If that 4.余峻承    (be) the caseathletes would not eat a lot of carbohydrates before a race.

Another 解救马疯子chemical 5.    (connect) with our moods is caffeinewhich 6.    (find) in coffeechocolate and many types of teaand it is perhaps 7.      邻家娇妻文秋;worst thing you can have when you are feeling stressed.

Of course8.    (enjoy) a nice meal with friendswhatever we eatcan also impact our spirits.Being with friends and family plays a big part in experiencing happiness.

Most 9.    (important)thoughremember the following old rule: try to eat different food10.      not too much.

【语篇导读】 咱们所吃的食物会对咱们的心情有影响。因而,咱们要尝试吃不同的食物,可是不要吃太多。

1.how[考察宾语从句。剖析该句结构可知,空处引导宾语从句,由we feel more than we think可知,从句不缺成分;结合语境能够判别,运用疑问副词how引导该从句。]


3.to[考察动词短语。relate to为固定调配,意为……有联络]

4.were[考察虚拟口气。依据该句中的athletes would not eat a lot of carbohydrates before a race可知,该句为虚拟口气,表明对现在状况的虚拟,故从句谓语动词用曩昔式were]


6.is found[查动词时态和语态。此处which引导非限制性定语从句,先行词为caffeine,和find之间是动宾联络,故用被动语态;此处是对客观状况的描绘,运用一般现在时。]







Dear Jacob

How are you doingI’m writing to invite you to climb Mount Qianshan.You had already been her媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播e for a month.So we think it’s the good opportunity for us get familiar with each other.Mount Qianshan has a good reputation for their brilliant scenery in different season.My friends and family is planning to make it at 8 o’clock in this Saturday morning at the school gate.We are wondering that it is convenient for you.When arrived therewe’ll climb mountains and admire the beautiful scenery in winter.That will certain leave a deep impression on you since everything is covered by snow.

Looking forward to your reply.

Li Hua


Dear Jacob

How are you doingI’m writing to invite you to climb Mount Qianshan.You havehad already been here for a month.So we think it’s athe good opportunity for us  get familiar with each other.Mount Qianshan has a婏婚阁 good reputation for itstheir brilliant scenery in different seasonsseason.My friends and family areis planning to make it at 8 o’clock  this Saturday morning at the school 薄元星gate.We are wondering whether/ifthat it is convenient for you.When arrivingarrived therewe’ll climb mountains and admire the beautiful scenery in winter.That will certainlycertain leave a deep impression on you since everything is covered by snow.

Looking forward to your reply.

Li Hua




I’m 18 years old and I’m going to a university in 施欣余Beijing this autumn.My parents insist on going with me to help me with my daily life.But I think I can manage it all by myself.How can I 媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播make them change their ideas?





Hi Mike

As a studen犯天斩煞的房子图t of your ageI understand your situa华中科技大学档案馆tion.



As a student of your age, I understand your situation. I think it is wise of you to go all by yourself.But you need to deal with your problem cautiously.You’d better avoid hurting the feelings of your parents.Here are some of my suggestions.

As your parentsthey may have many reasons to go with you.This is your first time to书剑盛唐 be far away from home for so longand they surely have some worries and wish to see everything go well.So have a talk with them peacefully and listen patiently.

And thenexpress your thanks for all their love and care.Persuade them you can manage ev媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播erything well this time just as you did many times in the past.Remember to invite them to Beijing when you have already settled down.I am sure they will understand you and take your idea into consideration.

All the best.

Yours sincerely

Li Hua




1.Trapped(trap) in the ruinsthe girl still wore a smilewaiting to be rescued.

2.With all the work finished(finish) ahead of timeI feel relaxed and very happy to be reading the papers.

3.Don’t be discouraged(discourage).If you put away such feelingsyou will do better next time.

4.Nearly half a million people are believed to have left(leave)their homes as a result of the disaster.(2018衢州一中期末)

5.As a considerate secretaryshe never fails to know what to expect(expect) in her daily routine.

6.Sing! China 2 appeals to all ages and social groups in China and it is also popular with people all over the world.

7.The volunteers are seeking to create(create) more opportunities for the children to learn about the society.(2018湖北黄冈调研)

8.Foods tasting(taste) goodlike milk and cookiesare called comfort foods because they make you feel better.

9.Under given conditionsthe harmful can be transformed(transform) into the beneficial.

10.We were going to go outbut ended up watching(watch) TV at home because of rain.


1.When we does make a mistakewe must correct it fullyopenlyand as quickly as possible.does→do


2.He owes to his doctor’s care that he is quite well again.owes后加it

3.The first time when he saw herhe was struck by her beauty.去掉when

4.We must have come to the partybut we were caught in the traffic jam.must→could

5.We want to know whether the drug has effect on people’s health.effect前加an

6.You can depend on that he will come to help you when needed.on后加it


1.Not until he left his home did he begin to know(才开端了解) how important the family was for him.

2.He would like to risk getting caught/trapped in(被困在) the storm as the boy was in danger.

3.She finally succeeded in getting a doctor’s degree and set foot on(踏上,抵达) her motherland.

4.Her research has led her to fin北漂明星梦之血泪史d out two clearly different mindsets that have a great effect on(……有很大影响) how we react to it.

5.Apart from the job as a workerhe also worked as a driverand two years laterhe was finally out of debt(还清债款).

6.But sit where you areif you please, in case I wan媚者无疆,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 3,绿色直播t you(以防我需求你).

7.He had worked very hard.As a consequence/result(成果)he got the first place in this grade exam.

8.I am the only one to hear the news(听到这个音讯) that he has been admitted into Beijing University.

9.The children must have got lost(必定已走失) in the woods; otherwisethey would have been at the lakeside camp as scheduled.

10.He’s very late—I do hope(十分期望) he hadn’t met with an accident.


1.Being taken(take) abroad for a tour can be a great honor for an ordinary person like me.(2018福州三中模仿)

2.Nowadays signs prohibiting smoking are(be) a common sight in restaurantstea houses and shopping malls.

3.—What time is 小萝莉小说it?

—I have no idea.But just a minuteI will check(check) it for you.(北京卷)

4.This brand of knife is quite popular with customersfor it cuts(cut) well.(2018福建莆田24中月考)

5.Yan’ana city located(locate) in northern Shanxi Provincehas seen great progress in its tourism industry over the past few years.(2018山东潍坊三模)

6.People from all the corners came to the city center, making(make) it very crowded.

7.As the smallest child of his familyAlex is always longing for the time whe超级植物兼顾n he should be able to be independent.(2015陕西卷)

8.Creating an atmosphere where employees feel part of a team is a big challenge.(2015浙江卷)