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本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firm

Module 6The Tang Poems




1.Last night’s TV news said that by then the death of the missing people had not been proved(证明) yet.(湖北卷)

2.It is reported that the businessman has donated() a lot of money to the school.

3.A survey of the America diet has revealed(泄漏) that a growing number of people are overweight.

4.Although he did not admit his suffering(磨难)we could see he had a hard life from his weathered face.

5.A man may have acquaintances(熟人) all over the worldbut very few true friends.

6.The failure(失利)was a big blow to himbut he wasn’t discouraged and soon got as enthusiastic as ever.(2015福建卷)

7.People are becoming less tolerant(宽恕的) of smoking in public places these days.

8.We must pay attention to our physical and mental(精神上的) health.

9.We don’t have enough books for everyoneso you’ll have to share(共享).

10.The organization has launch本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firmed(开端) a campaign to raise money for the Hope Project.

11.We were cautioned(正告) not to make a lot of noise after ten in the evening.

12.He glanced at(环视)the clock and found it was time to pick up his son from school.

13.People who approved of(附和)the reform urged that education resources should be distributed among the members of society equally.

14.It is known to us all that the America’s national emblem takes on(出现)many different meanings.

15.I used to correspond with(通讯)him regularly for three yearsbut later I lost touch with him.

16.Ted made up his mind to give it upbut on second thoughts(通过重新考虑)he determined to try a third time本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firm.


1.He failed againbut his repeated failure never discouraged him.He never admitted he was a failure.(fail)

2.He is a cautious man and is always doing things with caution.You should get on with him cautiously.(caution)

3.On hearing the brave girl’s diseaselocal people lined up to donate blood for herand their donation(donate) has saved her life.

4.The students usually decorate their classroom with paper flowers and balloons.But this year they intend to buy some decorative lights and special decorations.(decorate)

5.All the readers can’t imagine how he can be so imaginative and write so many imaginary stories.We are all amazed at his rich imagination.(imagination)

6.I know we should learn to be tolerant of others but I really can’t tolerate(tolerant) his bad manners any longer.

7.They all agreed to expand the new companybut the expansion(expand) will cost them a lot of money.

8.It is an appealing painting which has appealed to many people.(appeal)


1.句型公式:(not) so/as+描述词/副词原级+as意为……()相同


Christmas in the west is as important a festival as&star513nbsp;the Spring Festival in China.



While watching televisionwe heard the doorbell ring.

3.句型公式:if only 要是……就好了;希望 


Look at the troub本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firmle we’re in.If only we had taken our teacher’s advice.


榜首板块  中心词汇

1.prove v.证明,证明 linkv.证明是;结果是



Just give me a chance and I’ll prove the theory to you.

Have you any proof(prove) 外籍男模that you are the owner of the car?

We believe that this has besmuttyen proved to be beneficial.去掉been


The task proved (to be) more difficult than we’d expected.


It is proved that TV programs of violence have a bad influence on children.


(1)prove sth to sb   向或人证明某事

prove sb/sth (to be)adj./n.  证明或人/物是……

Its proved that...  据证明……;据证明……

(2)proof n.  证明;依据



2.approve v.附和;核准,附和



A new policy was approved(approve) by the Ministry of Education in 2018.

By doing well at school he hoped to win his parents’ approval(approve).

A survey done recently shows that 马死落地行not高树庚 all parents approve their children taking part in the weekend classes.approve后加of


She didn’t approve of her daughter going out at night.


(1)approve of (doing) sth拥护/附和……

approve sth  附和某事

(2)approval n.  拥护,附和;附和,认可

(3)disapprove v.  不拥护;不附和



3.reflect v.反映,体现;反射;考虑,检讨



When the sun’s rays hit the eartha lot of heat is reflected(reflect)back into space.

Your performance as a student will be excellent if you develop a habit of reflecting on how you learn.(浙江卷)

Usually a child’s behavior is a reflection(reflect) of his family environment.


In common with other traditional festivalsthe Midautumn Festival reflects Chinese cultural traditions.


(1)reflect on/upon细心考虑/深思/检讨……

(2)reflection铃口 n.反映,体现;影子,印象;考虑,检讨



4.cater for满意……的要求;顾及;为……供给所需



The university started sommiitopiae new language programs to cater for the country’s Silk Road Economic Belt.


We aren’t able to cater for your particular needs.

Last yearto cater for peoplewe opened a gym and made some workout plans.The workout plans could cater to differen本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firmt customers’ needs.

Last yearto cater for peoplewe opened a gym and

made some workout planswhich could cater to different customers needs.(非限制性定语从句)


cater for sb为或人供给效劳,满意或人的需求

cater for a party/wedding/meeting  为集会/婚礼/会议筹办酒席/供给效劳

cater to  迎合,迎合

第二板块  经典句式

5.if only...要是……就好了/希望……



If only we could/would have(have) the opportunity to work in Hangzhou next year.

If only I had(have) enough money to buy an iPhone 8!

—The football game last night was so wonderful.

—Ohwhat a pity! If only I have been told earlierhavehad



Only if you are aware of the importance of English can you learn it well.


If only引导从句,常常表明激烈的希望或惋惜,意为要是……就好了/希望……”。从句中要用虚拟口气。

(1) if only...did...表明与现在现实相反的希望

(2)if only...had done...表明与曩昔现实相反的希望

(3)if only...could/would/might do...表明与将来现实相反的希望(不必should)


only if引导实在条件状语从句,意为:只要……(),从句顶用陈说口气。置于句首时,主句用部分倒装。



The Tang Dynasty was a time of 1.expansion(expand).The culture was tolerant and cosmopolitan because of the trade 2.with foreign countries.Many foreigners lived in Chinese towns and their cultures greatly influenced Tang culture.The cultural development inspired technological development.One of the most important 3.inventions(invention) of t汉末的陌刀铁骑his period was printing4.which marked the beginning of the golden age of literature in Chinese history.

Because of the beauty of its images and the range of topicsTang poetry was so great 5.that it was better than everything that 6.had come(come) before it.If people were good at 7.writing(write) poetrythey could get a good job more 8.easily(easy) at that time.So a large number of people 9.were(be) fond of poetry.Two of the greatest 10.poets(poem)of the Tang Dynasty were Du Fu and Li Bai.They had different writing styles.Du Fu wrote in a realistic way while Li Bai was a romantic writer.


Reading and writing poetry are a very personal experience.For childrenit is a good way to explore language and have a fun with words as well as to express themselves.

But teachers and psychologists have f本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firmound other use for poetry as a form of therapy to help people with problems.Write poetry can help people deal with changes in their lives.By write down your feelingsyou can learn to understand yourself better and give yourself voice if you feel you are being ignored.A poem might be a way of telling someone everything when you don’t feel able to talk with it face to face.But it doesn’t mean they have lost their sense of humour.Poems writing as therapy can be funny toowhile laughter is also considered to be very good medicine.


Reading and writing poetry isare a very personal experience.For childrenit is a good way to explore language and have  fun with words as well as to express themselves.

But teachers and psychologists have found anotherother use for poetry as a form of therapy to help people with problems.WritingWrite poetry can help people deal with changes in their lives.By writingwrite down your feelingsyou can learn to understand yourself better and give yourself  voice if you feel you are being ignored.A poem might be a way of telling someone somethingeverything when you don’t feel able to talk aboutwith it face to face.But it doesn’t mean they have lost their sense of humour.Poems writtenwriting as therapy can be funny tooas/becausewhile laughter is also considered to be very good medicine.










I made the acquaintance of Mr.Wanga Chinese teacher.Glancing at his face for the first timeI immediately realized he was the person I could make friends with.To cater for the changing taste of the younghe approves of the teenagers learning more about traditional culture.We share many hobbies with each other.What he thinks corresponds with my thoughts.




(2018安徽合肥市榜首次质检)Chinese brush calligraphy or “shufa” in Chinese is one of 1. &鹿晗父亲鹿兆许材料nbsp;    most important art forms in China.Many Asian cultures have originated their own calligraphy stylesbut China’s is unequaled because of 2.    (it)beautygrace(高雅)and history.

The 3.    (origin)of Chinese brush calligraphy are unknownbut local tales say it goes back over 4000 years to the time of the legendary(传说的)Yellow Emperor(2698 BC—2598 BC).At that time characters were carved on animal bones or tortoise shells.Only after Emperor Qin Shihuang united China under his rule 4.      one country did it really gain popularity as a common art form.

He simplified Chinese characters and regular rules were set5.    (make) it easier for people to learn and master.This Chinese art form continued to progress and during the Tang Dynasty(618 AD—907 AD) a new type of cursive script(草书)was formed and standardized.It is written 6.    (free)but it’s not as easy to read.

Today Chinese calligraphy is once again a subject in schools and an art form highly 7.    (appreciate)across the world.Anyone can practice it and 8.      is required is a simple setincludinga brushink and paper.It’s fun for amateurs to trybut to become good at itnot only years of practice but also natural talent 9.    (need).Practising this art consistently can develop personal character and is of great 10.    (benefit) to health.

【语篇导读】 本文是一篇说明文,首要介绍了我国书法的来源及特色。

1.the[考察冠词。依据描述词第一流most important可知,空处需加定冠词the,此处意为最重要的艺术方式之一]






7.appreciated[考察非谓语动词。动词appreciate与其逻辑主语art form是动宾联络,故用曩昔分词appreciated]


9.is needed[考察主谓一致和被迫语态。not only...but also...作主语,谓语动词的单复数遵从就近准则,故此处谓语动词使用奇数。natural talent与动词need之间是动宾联络,故用is needed]



(2018重庆市教育联盟联考)There are many people think that wealth is better than health.I used to think so until one day I had read a story about Howard Joyce.He was an European billionaire who got everything he wanted.Thereforein the last twenty 王冰萌years of his lifehifatures health began to get worse and he led a miserably life.Although the best doctors called for himhe could still find no relief.I have realized that health is worth all the money in the world.If you have million of dollars but you are at poor healthyou will not be able to do what yo本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firmu want to do.So I would like to advise you not to hurt yourself to trying to make money.Insteadtake care of your body and be happy with which you do.Health is more important.


There are many people /thinkingthink that wealth is better than health.I used to think so until one day I  read a story about Howard Joyce.He was aan European billionaire who got everything he wanted.HoweverThereforein the last twenty years of his lifehis health began to get worse and he led a miserablemiserably life.Although the best doctors ,were) called for himhe could still find no relief.I have realized that health is worth all the money in the world.If you have millionsmillion of dollars but you are inat poor healthyou will not be able to do what you want to do.So I would like to advise you not to hurt yourself to trytrying to make money.Insteadtake care of your body and be happy with whatwhich you do.He夫军耍流氓alth is more important.






Dear Peter

Congratulations to you on your winning first place in the Chinese Speech Competition held recently.It is no wonder that you have made such great progress in your Chinese studybecause you have always been working hard and are never willing to give up.

To be honestwhat I admire most is your hard work and determination.It’s from you that I have learned a valuable lesson—that is No painsno gains. ThereforeI would like to express my sincere thanks to you for what you have taught me.

Wish you more advance in your study!


Li Hua

[语基阶段回扣练] (回扣B8M4B8M6)



1.StrangelyMr.Greenalso o本田锋范,【高中英语外研版】选修八 Module 6,firmpposed(oppose) to the new policymade no remark in the discussion.

2.We finally managed to make the customers convinced(convince) of the quality of the vehicle.

3.Instantly 陈妙龙his new works came outthey won the enthusiastic approval(approve) of his readers.

4.As the 2019 College Entrance Examination is comingthe cure for stress lies in learning to relax.

5.This company was accused (accuse) of using misleading advertisements in its promotion of the weightloss pills.(2018安徽六校联考)

6.Mary seems not to have learned(learn) the bad newsfor she looks nice and happy.

7.Devoted(devote) to his teaching work all the timeand finding that he was really exhaustedthe teacher decided to have a good rest.(2018浙江金华十校期末)

8.To work out 强搂宋祖英the difficult maths problemI have consulted(consult) Professor Russell sever太孙悍妻al times.小刘乱扯(陕西卷)

9.Reflecting(reflect)on his past mistakesTed realized that he had stayed around the wrong people.

10.While walking(walk) down a dark street one eveningI heard screams coming from behind the bushes.


1.With the help of his English teacherhe has made great advance in his oral English.advanceadvances

2.If only I listened to my English teacher’s a肉奴dvice! I felt very regretful.listened前加had

3.The promotion was proved to be a turning point in his career.去掉was

4.I glanced my watch and was very surprised to see that it was nearly midnight.glanced后加at

5.It is not an easy thing to get accustomed to live in a completely strange environment.liveliving

6.Child although he ishe likes to be treated like an adult.althoughasthough


1.The two brothers are so much alike that their mother can hardly tell them apart(简直不能区别他们).

2.Let’s make it(定在) at seven o’clock on Tuesday morning at my office if it is convenient to you.

3.It is generally acknowledged that(人们普遍认为) Zhang Yimou is one of the best directors in China at present.

4.He had intended to gobut on second thoughts(通过再次考虑)he gave up the idea.

5.The police were searching for the lost boy everywhere when he turned up in a supermarket all at once(忽然).

6.Disabled though/as they are(虽然他们)the dancers practice hard to make their dreams come true.

7.Many young people get married on May 1so many restaurants are busy catering for weddings and parties(承办婚礼和宴会酒席).

8.Tom made the acquaintance of(知道) Jack at a meeting held last year.

9.Come onMaria! You can also enjoy as convenient a life as(……相同的便当日子) you have been dreaming ofif you don’t lose heart.

10.Whether the weather is good or bad(不论气候好坏)they will set off as they planned.


1.While/Although/Though online shopping has changed our lifenot all of its effects have been positive.(2016浙江卷)

2.—Did you receive the letter the next day?

—No.Somehowit was three weeks before I received it.(2018福建泉州一中期中)

3.Half an hour laterLucy still couldn’t get a taxi where the bus had dropped her.(重庆卷)

4.The car is quite small, especially(especial) when you have childrenso change it for a larger one if possible.(2018浙江温州十校联考)

5.After the long journeythe three of them went back homehungry and tired(tire).

6.It is often the case that anything is possible for those who hang on to hope.(2016江苏卷)

7.There have been frequent traffic accidents in China recentlyand that is where people are concerned.(2018四川德阳四校模仿)

8.She has received the offer from youbut I don’t know whether she will accept it or not.(2018山东省试验中学一诊)